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I never expected domestic removals to be completed so easily. Movers Pimlico really impressed.
C. Hull04/06/2018
Needed a man and van team to help with relocation of some old furniture, and RemovalsPimlico came in as the cheapest option which is why I chose them. So happy I did, because they were just amazing. Complete professionals, and so helpful with everything I asked - nothing was too much trouble. A really great service.
Ken Lovett18/09/2017
My house removal was taken care of by Removals Pimlico and their wonderful staff. They were able to help me move from my old house to my new one and the whole relocation was very successful. They made sure all my things were transported safely and that the job was done quickly. There were no problems with the move as they did a great job.
Michelle Rose18/07/2016
Having lived in the area for a few years, I have often seen Movers Pimlico's removals vans operating in the neighbourhood. So when it was time for me to move, I already knew who I was going to call! They gave me the lowest quote too which made my choice a whole lot easier! They didn't disappoint either and did a thoroughly professional job on my house move which is very much appreciated. It was quite an upheaval having to move from my previous home but the lads made the whole experience much better! If I ever need moving again I will definitely call them and recommend them to anyone else too!
O. Walker08/05/2015
I had a great experience with the removals company, Pimlico Removals, and their excellent removal services. I was so underprepared for my move, I needed everything from packing materials to a van, and this company handled it all for me with professionalism and a smile! I've never used a removal company before, but this one was really excellent and very considerate. I would call again! Thank you!
Shelley C.08/04/2015
Doing all the removals-relates stuff on our own? That's something we wouldn't have managed to do considering the fact that we both work a lot. Hiring RemovalsPimlico was the best solution we could have come up to. We don't regret having made this step - not even one second. The movers here are genuinely professional and they even gave us advice on how to pack things if we were to move again. MARVELOUS service!
Adrienne K.29/01/2015
Perfect company for a quick house removal - they even helped to keep my kids entertained! The movers were a great mix of old hands and new workers and were 100% dedicated to getting my move completed ASAP. Thought the day was going to be a lot more hassle than it was but thanks to the RemovalsPimlico team everything was in hand right from the word go. Never thought I'd be so chilled out about my day but this firm really did manage it all.
G. Holly06/01/2015
I was moving to a new office and had a lot to arrange. I called a long established company called RemovalsPimlico to sort the complete move. They were very professional and advised me on ways to save time and get the relocation done as quickly as was possible with the least disturbances. The staff did a fast and efficient move at a great cost. Anybody looking for a trustworthy and hard working company I would suggest you use this company.
Dominic Bishop12/11/2014
As a student I move house every year and something always seems to go wrong on moving day. On my first move I broke a box of expensive equipment and the second time I moved a lot of my items went missing! This time I decided to do it properly so I hired the student moving service from RemovalsPimlico. I'm really glad that I elected to do this because I had a lovely moving day! My mover took all of the pressure off me, taking lots of care with my belongings and was very friendly. This student moving service is definitely one I'd recommend!
Paisley J.22/10/2014
Having never really thought a huge amount about moving house until recently, I was a little stuck as to who we should use for the job. We went with RemovalsPimlico after getting a few quotes through, and I must say, I was very impressed with how they dealt with the removal. The quote was good, but that did not mean that the quality of the service suffered, which was amazing. Great value, and nice people, it was exactly what we needed!
Steve Watson27/08/2014
After I had a house clearance done, I needed all the household contents delivered to a relative's house that same day. I hired RemovalsPimlico because I had heard from two different people that they were very reliable as well as being affordable. This turned out to be the case and everything was delivered as it should be and in turn I am pleased to say the removal men were lovely and couldn't be more helpful. In fact, my whole experience with this company was a pleasure and one I wouldn't hesitate in hiring again. This is someone else who will be recommending your company to others.
C. Young13/08/2014
Having moved house a couple of times before, I was ready for the battle that usually ensues with trying to fit everything in to a man and van, but instead, I got RemovalsPimlico to help me out this time. They sorted out a larger van and a couple of guys to help, which made it only a little more expensive than a man and van would have been, because we only had to do one journey! I was surprised that I had not tried it before, but will be doing so in the future! A great company, very highly recommended!
Louis Young16/07/2014
We used RemovalsPimlico to help us open up a new branch of our business and it got things off to a great start. Moving is almost always stressful, but not with the help of RemovalsPimlico, oh no. They simplified the process and it blazed past without any trouble. We got things established and operational very rapidly indeed, and continue to be extremely grateful for the skill, expertise and care which they applied to the job. Our business has a regular need for moving services so we'll be seeing them again I am sure.
Elizabeth Crocker11/06/2014
Until I found RemovalsPimlico, I thought I'd have to suffer with terrible moves my entire life. Unless I paid a fortune, I thought I'd need to deal with my own moves for the rest of my life. This removals company, however, was not like that at all. Their removal services were very cost effective indeed. On the moving day, the team of movers arrived right on time and quickly got on with what they had to do. Then, they did all the loading and unloading. It went very well indeed. I certainly felt impressed and couldn't have been more grateful for their help.
Cassandra Bailey13/05/2014
Wanted to add my voice to the many which have been recommending RemovalsPimlico recently. I found them through the internet and was a bit trepid at first but I can certainly say that I am now entirely converted. There is no better service, for me, when it comes to moving home. They manage to come into my home, get everything sorted and ensure that I am set up in the new property in no time at all. For those who are looking for the very best moving experience, then I would definitely say that you can believe the hype.
Relocating is a stress full time and there is a lot to sort out with the packing and moving it all from one place to another. My friend recommended a removal firm that she had heard were good, so I gave them a ring. RemovalsPimlico were professional from the beginning. I booked a quote, which I thought was excellent value for money, and then a date for the move. A team arrived on time and began loading on the lorry immediately, and didn't stop until it was all loaded securely. Nothing was harmed during transit and now everything is in its new address, no breakages. Great service thanks.
Yvonne Eden29/03/2014
When it comes to getting the right moving experience, there is only one company I turn to time and time again. They've been there for me during my last few moves, and they always know what it takes to make me happy. So it is my great pleasure to throw my endorsement behind RemovalsPimlico as being the very best company out there when it comes to finding the right solution to suit me, every single time. All of that, plus their prices are really good as well, which definitely makes a real difference, I am sure.
Rachel Mitchell19/03/2014
My house move was really easy thanks to the help of RemovalsPimlico. I hired a removal van from their removal company and it arrived just as expected. The van was a really great size for my needs. I managed to load it up without any hassle at all and get it unloaded just as easily. Because the company had taken a real interest in what it was I'd needed and asked for, the van was the perfect size for me to move in just one trip! I can't thank the staff enough for helping me avoid stress on moving day!
Holly Louis22/01/2014
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